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These days of retrenchment will almost certainly impose strain on existing hardware and software infrastructure. A projected Software Development Life-Cycle (SDLC) will simply have to expand keeping older but functional systems lasting far longer than initially projected.

“If it’s working don’t fix it” is a brilliant adage, but regular servicing, backups, virus scans, software updates and all manner of good-practice methodologies still need to be applied to ensure system’s availability, reliability and dependability.

Cutting out the middleman offers excellent cost benefits by dealing directly with the system’s engineer who will maintain your environment. No artificial overheads, no one else “taking a cut”, you pay the industry rate for the services – no more, no less.

To ensure you have 24×7 availability, we can arrange standby services from a 3-rd party vendor to cover holiday, sickness  or other unforeseen circumstance. With arrangements in place to provide backup support should your allocated system’s engineer be unable to attend, you can still gain support – true at market rates (and we will negotiate aggressively for you) – but you’re actually no worse off during these episodes than you would be otherwise. And, other than during these events, your annual savings are potentially huge.

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Want to look at real savings? Voice over IP (VoIP) is the emerging technology of choice. Big business has embraced VoIP in a big way for its huge cost benefits and incredible range of implementation options. Whatever you can dream of as a telephony solution, likely is you can make it happen with VoIP.

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