New Ventures

Starting with a blank sheet is easier for everyone, unconstrained by pre-existing systems, the creation of something truly bespoke is by far the most effective solution to an emerging business need.

As with most venture companies though, cost will likely be a key factor – as it is with us – with no allegiance to any specific providers, we are free and able to help you select the absolute best suppliers for your needs – and once installed of course, we offer probably the very best maintenance services available.

Involve us from an early stage, and we can guide you through and around many of the pitfalls that others may encounter.

We can help with:

  • Site Selection
  • Hardware / Software selection
  • Building refits
  • System’s flow-control
  • Ergonomic design of furnishings
  • Cabling
  • Power supplies and security of supply
  • Network cabling, fitting, testing and commissioning

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