Our History

History of Macro Consultancy

Our business was originally founded in the UK in 1978, when the original Macro Consultancy was registered as a Mainframe Computer Consultancy, specialising in ultra-large mainframes.Large in 1978 meant any mainframe with 1 Mb of memory – about that found in IBM’s first PC launched ten years later.

Today we expect at least 4Gb memory in our PCs – a 4000 fold increase in the subsequent two decades. Macro Consultancy was at the forefront of the emerging Microcomputer market, becoming a distributor for the Intertech range of Superbrain products in 1979.

The Superbrain II had 64K of memory and a 5¼  floppy disk holding an impressive 127Kb of data. The operating system was either CP/M or MP/M – both precursors to MS-DOS.

Just to show not everything goes according to plan, Macro veered away from the new-fangled system called Unix – we believed it would never catch on !! Just shows – but that could be right if you regard Linux as something slightly different.

Retaining its mainframe focus, but becoming more and more aware of the impact of first the microcomputer, then the huge effect of IBM’s PC and the many clones that sprang up, Macro Consultancy was heavily involved in integration of office machines with the mainframe. Interworking was born and Macro was in the lead.In the late 1990’s, when Owner Director Andi Cockroft emigrated to New Zealand, so Macro Consultancy was relocated also, although remaining fairly low profile from 1995 to 2007 whilst other business objectives were pursued, and consultancy services began the inexorable move away from large mainframes to the now readily available SOHO Microsoft and Linux environments.

Since 2007 however, Macro Consultancy is back full-steam, with total focus now on the SOHO environment with 40 years combined trading behind us. Owner Director Andi Cockroft has personally accrued well over 50 Years industry experience in his own right and as we say “..with that comes a depth of experience rarely found these days”.