New Installs

Before you begin that new installation, whether that be just a single laptop at home, or a large Client/Server business environment, perhaps you might want to give us a call. We can help advise on hardware, networking, cabling, software, operating systems and even which Internet Service Provider (ISP) would be best for your needs.

Our aim is to get the biggest bang for your bucks that is possible.

Thinking of big-name suppliers? Not all are as good as their name implies – there may well be better deals, better suppliers, better services out there that match your needs far better than just answering an ad in a weekend-glossy.

We are not tied to any service agencies, ISPs, hardware manufacturers etc., so our advice is entirely impartial based on experience and the experiences of our Clients. We can help you avoid the pitfalls that may not be evident. We can help you with the small-print that some suppliers hide away from view.

All our services are subject to our standard Terms and Conditions