Fix on Fail

Fix on Fail

Your usual engineer not available? Your engineer can’t fix the problem in a timely manner? You simply want to contain costs to an absolute minimum? Then Fix-on-Fail may well be for you

Should you require simple fix-on-fail support (ie it breaks, we fix it), then this is available by negotiation as to hours covered (24×7 is possible) with 9-5 the most common. You pay no ongoing fees, no setup charges, just pay for those services you use.

Whilst this may sound an economical solution, preventative maintenance and system monitoring may be able to minimise the number of call-outs actually made during a year.

Call-Out charges are made from the time an engineer leaves home, to the time he returns home (or leaves and is called to another job). Travel expenses are at a notional $1 per Km measured from Lower Hutt CBD.

Contracts for fix-on fail can be negotiated, and will take account of your business size, likely requirements, equipment age and sophistication etc.

Ad Hoc Call-out charges do not require negotiation beforehand – just call us:

Ad Hoc Fix-On-Fail 9am to 5pm (Workday – ie excludes weekend and Public Holidays) $120 per hour or part thereof + Mileage
  9am to 5pm (Weekends, but excludes Public Holidays) $180 per hour or part thereof + Mileage
  all other times $240 per hour or part thereof + Mileage

(parts, consumables and software etc. extra)

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