If you’re apprehensive about joining a local group, or have special conditions that make it impossible to get there, then we can come to you.

Get together groups of 3 or 4 friends, or just have a very powerful one-on-one learning session, and we will come to you in your own environment to provide easy, laid-back introductions to the PC, Microsoft products and the Internet. Curriculum is dictated by your specific needs, so you decide what to focus on and when you choose to learn.

Short 30-minute sessions allow you time to take it in without getting overwhelmed. Repeating the sessions at regular intervals allow your skills to grow, and afford plenty of time to practice what you have learnt between sessions.

For groups of up to 4 people, we charge a very economical $60 per half hour, or $90 for the full hour

Don’t worry if you know nothing, everything is explained in straightforward English – from 5 to 95, you’re never too old or too young to start learning.  

All our services are subject to our standard Terms and Conditions